Hervey E.

“I had serious back pain from a week-end warrior lifestyle that got worse and worse until I had to have surgery. Working with Dr. Salmi has been a key part of my ongoing therapy and my success.”

Pat M.

The treatment I receive at BodyMind Chiropractic Center is first-class and very patient-centered. When I first began treatment, I needed a complete wellness program. I am now healthier and more active than I have been in many years and I no longer have the need to take prescription medications.

Fran W.

I was looking for a new approach to my health care and wanted a proactive approach to preventive care. Because of the knowledge, attentiveness and the sincere approach that is taken at BodyMind Chiropractic Center, I have made it my primary care center.

Monica M.

I rely on Dr. Salmi to help my body be as strong and agile as it can be. BodyMind Chiropractic Center is a great addition to my proactive health plan.

Larry C.

I have been seeing chiropractors since I was 5 years old when I had polio and a friend recommended BodyMind Chiropractic Center. What a different treatment experience and what different results! I visit regularly now and honestly have never felt better!

Sarah G.

Since I have been to BodyMind Chiropractic Center for treatment and maintenance, my full range of neck motion has returned, my back pain has lessened, and my digestive issues have disappeared. Dr. Salmi has given me good health advice and care, so that I can move toward living a healthier lifestyle!

David B.

I don’t think there has been any musculo-skeletal problem I have experienced that you have not been able to solve. With your help I plan to continue my lifestyle that includes exercising, biking, sailing, skiing, and aerobatic flying for years to come.

Leah V.

The best thing I have received from BodyMind Chiropractic Center has been the time and attention they have given to my concerns and questions. I no longer feel so alone in the journey of maintaining my health, and I attribute much of my new-found energy to this experience.

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